Ulation (2012) – Solo Viola and Electronics


Ulation uses the computer as a second instrument to listen to and change the sound of the viola. This is done through intentional glitches and samples triggered when certain notes or gestures are hit which the player then reacts to. At points the viola could almost be described as shredding, like a rock guitar solo.

My overall aim for music involving electronics is for the player to have no need to tell the computer through any other way than playing where they are in the piece; the computer just follows like a normal player. Ulation is a step toward this where the computer reacts to the viola within certain constrains.

A recording of the piece is available on my debut album Dichroic Light. On iTunes, Bandcamp and all other digital outlets.

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Instrumentation: viola and live electronics

Duration:7 min

Other info: Requires Max/MSP 5 and Mac OS 10.6 or greater.


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