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“It is refreshing to encounter a composer making albums with new classical music in this way, for when used imaginatively the format still has much to give”

“Effective and Unsettling” – BBC Music Magazine

“Post-minimalist bold sparseness” – The Herald

“Entangled is the soundtrack for an extended Halloween, extended for those who are currently catching up on their youth” Thoroughly Good

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The centerpiece of the album is Quartet No. 4 (Entangled) was originally commissioned by the Institute of Physics for the NI Science Festival‘s 2018 John Bell Lecture, where it was premièred. The three movements (Waves, Spooky Action and Spinning) are each a music exploration and response to a different facet of the work relating to John Stewart Bell through string quartet and electronics.
The composition is accompanied by a moving image work by Marisa Zanotti which responds to the musical structures in the score, creating images of entanglement by playing with light, time and dancing bodies.

Quartet No. 6 was writen while I was staying at an Air BnB in Tallinn, Estonia, and begin life when I picked up a set of windchimes the owner had left lying around. The piece is an orchestration of those chimes and imagines a great hand jiggling the quartet to initiate each gesture. Quartet No. 5 a more spectral composition hinting at electronics through the techniques used by the quartet.

Response One and Respone Two are two purely electronic works responding to and using samples from the previous quartets.


Track List

1. Quartet No. 6 (Ma) [11:13]

2. Response One [3:04]

Quartet No. 4 (Entangled)~

3. I: Waves [5:44]

4. II: Spooky Action [3:26]

5. III: Spinning [6:32]

6. Response Two [3:20]

Quartet No. 5

7. I [11:39]

8. II [4:38]

9. III [2:11]

Recording Info

Tracks 1, 3-5 and 7-9 performed by Aurea Quartet

Julian Azkoul – violin 1 (tracks 1, 7-9), Emma Oldfield – violin 1 (tracks 3 – 5), Rosemary Attree – violin 2, Christine Anderson – viola, Abby Hayward – cello

All music composed and produced by Matthew Whiteside

~Entangled, Commissioned by the Institute of Physics

Recorded: Airtight Studios, Manchester

Cover Artwork: Marisa Zanotti

Album design:

Label Code: 69006

UPC: 192914199335

Album supported by The National Lottery through Creative Scotland’s Open Project fund and Help Musicians UK.


Film by Marisa Zanotti

Press Coverage

“Effective and Unsettling” BBC Music Magazine

“it is refreshing to encounter a composer making albums with new classical music in this way, for when used imaginatively the format still has much to give.”

“Matthew Whiteside’s new album of string quartets is one of those breezy affairs exploring the water cooler topics of Quantum Theory and Entanglement. Challenge accepted?” The Prickle

“Entangled is the soundtrack for an extended Halloween, extended for those who are currently catching up on their youth.” Thoroughly Good

“The short film made Marisa Zanotti to accompany the third section, “Spinning”, its grainy footage of a dancing couple nicely matched with Whiteside’s hyperactive music. The players collide and cooperate in between bouts of frenzied independence and there’s an abrupt, inconclusive close.” The Arts Desk

On 22nd November Matthew was invited onto Wavelength on Resonance FM. Have a listen to the show above where he and Noami Belsaw of WildKat PR talk about Entangled, the music industry and physics.

Development Blog

  • Preadd, presave and preorder

    Preadd, presave and preorder

    It has been about a month since my last blog on Registrations and Distribution in this series on releasing Entangled and I promised to talk about pre-saving. So here goes. But first, as ever… And now onto presaving and what it is. Presaving is a way to get your listeners to save your music toRead MoreRead More »
  • Entangled – Registrations and Distribution

    Entangled – Registrations and Distribution

    Today has been a day of looking at spreadsheets, adding meta data, uploading music and registering it all. Boring but the stuff I warned you about at the start. This is the really important blog about getting your music out onto Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer and all the others and make some money fromRead MoreRead More »
  • Entangled – Mixing

    Entangled – Mixing

    After recording everything you then have to edit and mix it. This can be a really easy process or a really hard one depending on how well the sessions went, how many takes you have to choose from and how good your notes were during the sessions. This is why I make a rough cutRead MoreRead More »
  • Studio Week

    Studio Week

    I am starting this the day before I head to Manchester to rehearse and record with the Aurea Quartet so I can do a check-list as much for you as for myself. Scores printed and marked up (inc. possible take points) MU/BPI Session Agreements printed to be signed after recording Confirmed PRS registration of allRead MoreRead More »
  • Entangled – Preperation

    Entangled – Preperation

    My previous blog talked about where I am now and how Entangled came about. This one is going to be an update on what is happening rather than what has happened. This blog covers preparation for recording and the material needed for cover design, including label codes. Next week I’ll be heading down to ManchesterRead MoreRead More »
  • Entangled, my second album

    Entangled, my second album

    On the 25th October I am planning to release my second album ‘Entangled‘. In the run up to the release I’m going to try and write blogs about the process, how things are going and what needs to be done. I’m thinking of this as a practical example of my Rough Guide to Self ReleasingRead MoreRead More »


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  • Quartet No. 5 (2019) – string quartet

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  • Quartet No. 6: Ma (2019) – string quartet

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