Little Black Lies

Sophie can’t remember how old she is or the last tiem she left the house. You probably heard about the war in her country. No? Well, everybody left but Sophie still has plenty of friends. Look! Here they are now… Exploring the stories we tell ourselves in order to live better with reality.

Commissioned by Scottish Opera Connect for their 10 year anniversary.

Libretto by Helene Grøn.

“With composer Matthew Whiteside’s Little Black Lies, which followed, it was the range of the music that impressed, from the “Scary, scary, dark and scary” chorus to a contrasting, and sassily choreographed, “Footloose, fanciful and free” chorus later. His librettist, Helene Gron, had perhaps best appreciated the limitations of the venue, for this more contemporary dystopia that referenced the threats a violence faced by young people in the 21st century.” Keith Bruce, the Herald –

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Duration 15 min

Solo soprano, chamber orchestra and chorus