My Pieces 2010


41111 for solo cello – 11min
Chordal Relations for chamber orchestra – 5min
Echo for wind quintet, mezzo soprano and piano – 8min
Fish and Chips for string quartet – 12min
Fitzwilliam Rag for solo piano – 5min
for Matt Mattera for solo trumpet – 5min
It Just Is for brass quartet – 11min
Laya for piano quartet – 9min
Organic Construct for tape – 9min
Prevalence for percussion quartet – 8 min
Rain for guitar and soprano – 7min
Relations for large orchestra – 13min
Sssh! for flute and guitar – 13min
as yet untitled for chamber orchestra – 12min
Subtle Clarity for solo bass clarinet – 8min
The Wavering Gorge for violin and cello – 6min
Unresolved for solo piano – 3min
Wondering, Wavering, Willing for guitar and violin – 6 min
Youth for tape – 10 min

Total – 161min


Honourable Mention by International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition
for Wondering, Wavering, Willing
May Turtle Scholarship
Hamilton Harty travel Scholarship
PRSF/Bliss foundation Scholarship
RSAMD Scholarship 2010-2011
RSAMD Scholarship 2011-2012

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