Friday Again

This does really seem to be a weekly blog. This week hasn’t involved anything too exciting. Just working and going to concerts. Went to seven concerts this week, six of them part of Sonorities Festival at Queen’s and one of those being five hours long! Not all of them good though, POW ensemble was a little weird but the rest (CMC Composers’ Platform, Bird on a Wire, Trio Scordatura and Move) were really good. Possibly going to write something for Bird on a Wire when I get a chance.
The next Queen’s Composer’s Concert has confirmed a date, Wed 25th November. There are so many people interested I’ve started organising another one for the 24th of March 2010, or around then anyway. Ages away but why not be organised?
Finally got my electro-acoustic piece finished and called it “Machinist’s Visual Fallacy”. More details on that will be up soon once its handed in and marked. Just have to do an analysis of Ricardo Climent’s Silent Era now and thats electro-acoustic comp finished for this year.
Like I said nothing too exciting this week going to start getting stuck into other compositions next week I think.
Until next Friday (probably).

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