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Matthew’s Weekly Playlist – 2nd July

Xenakis - Ergam (Jack Quartet)

Julia Wolfe - Dig Deep (Ethel)

Saariaho - Nymphae, "Jardin secret III" (Meta4)

Giacinto Scelsi - String Quartet no. 1 (Arditti Quartet)

Shostakovich - Quartet No 15 (Brodsky Quartet)

Yannis Kyriakides - Antichamber

Donnacha Dennehy - Pushpulling (Jack Quartet)

Emily Howard- Afference (Elias String Quartet)

Per Nørgård - Quartetto Breve (Kontra Quartet)

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Matthew’s Weekly Playlist – 18th June 2018

Julian Anderson - Eden

Valgeir Sigurðsson - The Crumbling

Monty Adkins - Permutations

Dowry - In É

Jon Opstad - Ignis VII

Tunde Jegede - Still Moment

Loscil - Endless Falls

Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld - Won't Be a Thing to Become

Dobrinka Tabakova - Insight

Henryk Górecki - Three Pieces in the Old Style, Piece Three

Hauschka - Godot

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Initial Thoughts Percussion and Electronics

Yesterday I had my first meeting with Glynn Forrest about a piece for percussion and live electronics I’m going to be writing him for the next Edit-Point concert. I hadn’t planned on going in with any preconceived ideas I simply wanted to talk to him about percussion and get him to show me some things with the kit he will be using. The largest piece in the concert will be Trilogy by David Marc so there is quite a large selection of percussion I can use.

My plan of talking to Glynn with an open mind was broken a little on the way in. As I was walking in I had my mp3 player on random and a track from the new Muse album came on. This:

and I thought wouldn’t it be cool to try and do something similar to 1 min 30 with the piece. So at the moment I’m thinking of some kind of dubstep, rock, electronics, percussion solo…. yea not quite sure how thats all going to come together but this is a selection of what I’ve been listening to today to try and inform my thoughts a little more.