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This Week

I always end up posting blogs at the end of the week, hmmm.
Anyway, this week has been rather hectic even with an extra day off at the start just work work more work oh and 3 concerts and a workshop (by the Lawson Trio) in 2 days. Unfortunately the workshop wasn’t for my own compositions but for phd composers. Got some great ideas from it though which will be in my next composition. Well maybe not the next one (that should be the opera) but the one after that. Also went through Dogs and Wolves by Piers Hellawell with Piers. Really like that piece now and the way he works the orchestra is really interesting. If you haven;t listened to it give it a go. Gave me some ideas to put into my septet (The Space Within). I know I keep saying its finished but I keep making little changes…
Got a few more details on the concert in Cork. It will be somepoint mid November and it will hopefully be my Quartet No. 1 rather than Beyond the Tone being played. Going to use the same players that I used for the recording on my site, if they are free and we can get accommodation down there. I didn’t say there were many more details just a few more!
Also started organising another Queen’s Composer’s Concert this week. It will be roughly the same setup as before but with the possibility of maybe one piece with electronics/tape piece possibly. The electronics is just an idea at the moment not sure how will it would work in the room but its maybe possibly a possibility (maybe!). Out of the seven replies I’ve got back from the email I sent, two have been electro-acoustic pieces so there is definitely and interest the rest were standard acoustic composers. Going to give it another week or two before deciding for sure which composers to choose. Thankfully know a bit more about organising this kind of thing this time than last so should run a little smoother. Thinking that the concert will be around November/December time to give people rehearsal time but not too close to hand in dates.
Finally I do apologise for my previous blog, it was written late at night and very much a stream of consciousness. Need to go back and edit it, will be posted up here when I do.
One more note, sonorities festival is on round queens this week. There are around 10 concerts on starting tonight of contemporary music. Have a look here for more info.

First Rehearsal

Had my first rehearsal yesterday of Quartet No. 1 went really well, really happy with the players I have :). Though one of them couldn’t make it, he was flying over the Irish sea at the time so a decent enough excuse. Really happy with the way the rehearsal went, the players seem to have a good grip of it so feeling a lot better with the concert looming in 12 days….12 days?!!! Have more rehearsals planned but still 12 days?!!?!
Got a bit of advertising done for it though, have it on their site and getting some posters made up to put around Queen’s and maybe Belfast in general. Might try and get some flyers put into the newly referbished Ulster Hall, which looks really really good! If you get a chance go and have a look about, it is still the Ulster Hall but a lot more vibrent seating plan makes a lot more sense as well. Anyway getting side tracked… need to do some more advertising for the concert some how, would like a decent amount of people to come along to it. New music needs to be heard no point playing to an empty hall. Any suggestions on advertising anyone?


My aim for this weekend was to get at least one piece finished and I managed to do it with time to spare for another. I got Catherine’s trumpet solo done and sent to her. Just a short piano and trumpet piece, quite jazzy but quite short.
The other piece I’ve got to make a decent start on is for the Queen’s Music society. They are planning to put on an informal concert some time soon and have asked me to write something for Double Bass, Cello, Bass Guitar, Piano, Mezzo and timp. It’s a weird ensemble but could be interesting. Again its just going to be a short piece, probably about 2mins long or so, but being asked to write a piece is still being asked to write a piece.
Got the first rehearsal of my quartet this week, concerts only in about three weeks! Though CMC have agreed to advertise it on their site, they should mean a decent amount of advertisement and maybe a few more people coming to it.

Also in other news, I’ve got my inter-rail tickets booked! Away for a month over the summer and will probably do random updates on this.


Surprisingly almost finished the draft of my septet and what’s left to do I know exactly where its going to go so shouldn’t be too long before doing the final version.

As for the other pieces, well they are getting done slowly but surely, I think.
Deadlines are starting to come closer so really need to seriously get them

The concert is going ahead, not sure on time yet but it will be the evening of 1st April in the Harty Room in Queen’s. So far the line up is a Piano trio by Piers Hellawell, a Piano Duet by Eddie Zatriqi, a septet by Omar Zatriqi, a quartet by Daniel Barkley, and two trios by Joel Cathright and myself. Might change a little before then but I dont think by much.