A bit more electronics

Today I made another version of the score with the details Lydia and I talked about on Friday. Nothing has drastically changed just a few accents, dynamics and sul pont markings but the main thing for this updated is the electronics. I have been concentrating on etting the max patch right for the first two lines of the score to see how the fading will work along with some samples. Thankfully it all seems to be sorted with the 4 channel version working very nicely. You can hear the stereo version of it all attached below.
The samples are made from a recording of Lydia on Friday and a recording of a piano I made about 2 years ago both heavily eqed and with the cello sound granulised. I think these are the sounds I’m going to work with for the moment and see how far I can stretch them to keep a homogeneity in the piece.

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