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Matthew Whiteside is a composer, collaborator, orchestrator and sound designer based in Glasgow. He writes music for concert, film and collaborative installations often-using live electronics within his work and is currently working with flutist Carla Rees to write a new piece for contra-bass flute and electronics.

His music has been performed across the world including Dublin’s National Concert Hall, Glasgow City Halls, Salem Artworks in New York and the Belfast International Festival at Queen’s. In 2015 he was co-commissioned by sound festival and R-Space gallery to collaborate with Dominika Mayovich to create a sound/art interactive installation.

Matthew’s recent work Solo for Viola D’amore and Live Electronics was described as having the overall effect of ‘one of meditation – a Japanese stone garden whose raked ripples have been brought into sound’ by Musicweb International and features on his debut album Dichroic Light released in 2015 and funded by Creative Scotland. It is available from Amazon and iTunes.

His composed the music for a BBC 4 documentary on Artemisia Gentileschi presented by Michael Palin, to be broadcast late 2015, and has scored two feature films (Anna Unbound and The Loudest Sound) and two shorts (Edward and Applemen). In 2013 he was selected to attend both Ghent Film Festival and Edinburgh International Film Festivals sound lab programmes.

Matthew is a founding member and director of Glasgow based electroacoustic ensemble, Edit-Point, who perform music for tape, instruments and live electronics.

Copies of Matthew's music can be purchased from Tetractys and Swirley Music