Matthew’s Weekly Playlist 24th Sept 2018

- Jonathan Nangle - Where distant city lights flicker on half-frozen ponds (Crash Ensemble)
- Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and Garth Knox - Fluctus (Diatribe Records)
- David Fennessy - The Room Is the Resonator (Oliver Coates/Prah Recordings)
- Linda Buckley - Jump (Kate Ellis/Diatribe Records
- Matthew Whiteside - Piece for Violin and Bass Clarinet (Emma Lloyd and Joanna Nicholson)
- Donnacha Dennehy - Bulb (Fidelio Trio/NMC Recordings)
- Deirdre McKay - Time, Shining (David Quigley/Lontano Records)
- Gareth Williams - Tenderhooks (Bede Williams, Emma Connell-Smith, John Davidson, Stewart Webster & Gillian Risi)
- Judith Ring - My One’s Bigger Than Yours (Kate Ellis and Malachy Robinson)
- Ed Bennett - Togetherness (Decibel/ NMC Recordings)

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