Matthew’s Weekly Playlist 23rd July 2018

- Michael Gordon - Light is Calling (Todd Reynolds, Wendy Sutter, Nonsuch Records)
- Matthew Whiteside - Dichroic Light: I (Abby Hayward
- Linda Buckley - Jump (Kate Ellis, Diatribe Records)
- David Fennessy - The Room is the Resonator (Oliver Coates, Prah Recordings)
- Kaija Saariaho - Petals (Anssi Karunnen, Tresona Multimedia)
- Gabriel Prokofiev - Outta Pulso (Peter Gregson, Nonclassical Recordings)
- Luciano Berio - Sequenza XIV (Darrett Adkins, Naxos)
- Zoë Keating - Exurgency
- Jonathan Harvey - Ricercare una Melodia (Frances Marie Utti, Etcetera)

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