Matthew’s Weekly Playlist 13th August 2018

- David Lang - Pierced (Boston Modern ORchestra/Naxos)
- Corey Dargel - What Will it Be for Me (ICE/New Amsterdam Records)
- Jacob Druckman - Valentine, for solo double bass (Håkon Thelin/Albedo)
- Matthew Whiteside - Solo for Viola D’amore and Electronics (Emma Lloyd)
- Luciano Berio - Psy (Bjørn Lanke/Simax Classical)
- Cheryl Frances-Hoad - Nunc imitais (Caius College Choir/Champe Hill Records)
- Nils Frahm - Human Range (Erased Tapes Records)
- Donnacha Dennehy - As An Nms (Crash Ensemble / Bedroom Community)
- Jerome Kitzke - Sunflower Sutra (Anthony de Mare/Innova)

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