Wave Funciton – Part 1

Presenting a night of electronic music with producer/composer Neil O’Conor (aka Somadrone).

As part of the Other Directions concert series, O’Connor will give a live performance of a new electronic score for Christ Marker’s 1965 silent film La Jetée, a time-travel sci-fi based in a post-WWIII Paris. With additional audiovisual works from Irish composers including Wave Function – Part 1 by Matthew Whiteside and Marisa Zanotti.

“I first saw La Jetée when I was in studying film at IADT. It had a big effect on me The film, shot in 1965, is made up of photographs and tells the tale of a time traveller. After the world was destroyed by nuclear war, people discover that it’s only through memory that it was possible to change the past and the future. 

It was first scored by me as far back as 2004, but this version is fully electronic, using modular synthesisers and analog effects to provoke sounds from this dystopian classic.”

Tickets cost €12/10 (students) and are available from: https://aic-lajetee.eventbrite.ie 


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