Dichroic Light

Dichroic Light

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Released 4/5/2015


Track List

  1. Ulation [Emma Lloyd]
  2. Quartet for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass [The Robinson Panoramic Quartet]
  3. Solo for Viola D'amore and Electronics [Emma Lloyd]
  4. Dichroic Light: Movement I [Abby Hayward]
  5. Dichroic Light: Movement II [Abby Hayward]
  6. Dichroic Light: Movement III [Abby Hayward]
  7. Well, Well, Well [Red Note Ensemble]
  8. Three Pieces for Bass Clareint and Electronics: Piece One [Joanna Nicholson]
  9. Three Pieces for Bass Clareint and Electronics: Piece Two [Joanna Nicholson]
  10. Three Pieces for Bass Clareint and Electronics: Piece Three [Joanna Nicholson]
  11. The World in an Oyster, An Oyster in the World [Red Note Ensemble]
  12. Quartet No.3 [Aurea Quartet]


"Matthew Whiteside explores combinations of spectral and melodic patterns. With him, tonality and sound complement each other into an inseparable and original unity."


'Matthew Whiteside is a cerebral composer and sound designer who’s creating classical-crossover works to challenge the 21st century consensus.'
M-Magazine http://www.m-magazine.co.uk/features/interviews/interview-matthew-whiteside/

'Dichroic Light takes its name from dichroic glass that displays two colours, depending on how the light hits it. It's a nice metaphor for an album which has the duality of incredible beauty and unsettling mood.'
Lorna Irvine, Across the Arts ****

‘Matthew Whiteside is clearly a talented and creative person who is already doing well and no doubt has a bright future.’
Dominey Clements, Musicweb International http://www.musicweb-international.com/classrev/2015/May/Whiteside_light_IMBT1501.htm


Dichroic Light, recorded by Abby Hayward for Dichroic Light

‘a magic sonic amplification of the solo cello through electronics’
Ken Walton, The Scotsman. 16/5/2015 ****


'Melding chamber aesthetics with electronic minimalism, the Lisburn-born composer's debut strikes a rewarding balance of abstract subtlety and melodic power'


Solo for Viola D’amore and Live Electronics, recorded by Emma Lloyd for Dichroic Light

‘overall effect is one of meditation – a Japanese stone garden whose raked ripples have been brought into sound’
Dominey Clements, Musicweb International http://www.musicweb-international.com/classrev/2015/May/Whiteside_light_IMBT1501.htm


'Music for headphones, in the best possible way'
Graham Rickson, The Arts Desk http://www.theartsdesk.com/classical-music/classical-cds-weekly-adams-bliss-matthew-whiteside

'those delicately sculpted moments that show Matthew’s flair for working with the expressive freedom and flexibility of the solo performer'

Drew Hammon, Scottish Journal of Performance


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