Vociferous Palpitation Noisefloor Festival

14:30 Concert 5 – Fixed Media/AV, Television Centre curated by Dave Payling

Kenn Mouritzen – Tempestuous Breaths

Eric Lyon – Spaced Images with Noise and Lines

Jan Jacob Hofmann – Hrafntinnusker

Pradit Saengkrai – Digital Soundscape No. 1

Matthew Whiteside – Vociferous Palpitation

Norah Lorway – Alone Together (Hospital Suites)


Claudia Robles – Zhong

Paul O’Donoghue – A Diamond Forms Under Pressure

Nicola Monopoli –  The Rite of Judgment

Monty Adkins – Remnant

Andrew Hill – Phase

Michael Olson – Pieces and Slivers

Dave Payling – Diffraction

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